1. A diamond in the rough. Kudos to your, sir. 

  2. #SolitaryConfinement show! This flier!!! Just go.


  3. And another one. 

  4. Police state.

  5. Press don’t have rights in certain situations anymore.


  6. It’s not just black vs. white, it’s US vs. them. Everyone’s rights are being taken away piece by piece. 

    Thanks, Mike for showing me this.

  7. Very well said.

  8. I have no clue who Jesse Williams is but he makes good points. 


  10. Back to the challenge at hand. 

  11. Crucial and much needed laugh time. Anyone remember “Saved By The Bell’s” group ‘Hot Sunday’? Enjoy!

    *It seems that I spelled ‘Hot Sundae’ wrong, but whatever; me and one other person are going with my original spelling because we can and it’s fun.

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  13. Awesome gift from @putnamflowers ! Check them out, they don’t disappoint.

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